Influencer Marketing

It's not just a product photo with a #hashtag.

Your product will be featured in a planned out post, such as a creative picture, gif, and video. With video editing experience, I can help create your ideal UGC product post.

What I Can Do

Creative Product Video

I will produce a creative product video that can be used as a post or ad!

There are many ways we can approach this. Have a script and want me to talk about it OR want me to create an engaging product video? Contact for more info.


From my Instagram filters with 10+ million impressions and personal posts, I have gained traffic on my account.

I can post on the feed or stories using your product for a campaign.

Connect You with Niche Influencers

Microinfluencer? Beauty guru? Personal trainer?

Finding the right influencer for your campaign is tough.

I can help connect you with the type of influencer you need.

"The goal is to create amazing User-Generated Content that you can continue to promote for brand traffic."
Chloe Dinh
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